Cyril Kongo

“Never Apologize”

26 Sep - 26 Oct 2019


AISHONANZUKA is please to announce a solo exhibition of French artist Cyril Kongo “never apologize”, which will be Cyril’s first exhibition in Hong Kong.

Born of a Vietnamese father and a French mother, Cyril spent his early childhood in Vietnam, until the fall of Saigon in 1975. During his adolescence, he lived for several years in Brazzaville, in the Republic of the Congo. Which inspired his artist name, Cyril Kongo.

Cyril's art was nurtured on streets since 1986. He became famous by doing huge and colorful tagging around Paris and its suburbs. After that, his street activities spread all over the world, leaving the work and traces in various places.

Since year of 2000, his works have been shifted on to the canvas while he was still doing the street activities. At the same time, the work has been exhibited at museums and galleries in various countries, including the exhibition called “The TAG” at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris.

Cyril is also well known for collaborating with fashion brands and other industries.

In particular, the CHANEL collection of 2018-2019, which was the last collaboration with Karl Lagerfield, and it was a sensational topic at that time. In addition, his collaboration with the luxury watch brand RICHAERD MILLE, the fashion brand HERMES, and the collaboration with the glass brand Daum, as well as the leather brand Les Atelier Victort, he expands the boundaries of expression by being able to take on new materials positively from various fashion brands and other industries.

Once street art and graffiti united society and arts, street arts released various messages to the society. Cyril’s art suggests the possibility of what new society can be from using both art and industry perspectives.

In this exhibition, we will show new works of Cyril’s paintings inspired by Hong Kong cities and canvas paintings that he has been visiting Hong Kong many times since last year, we will also exhibit past collaboration works that have been produced. As well as the new sculptures of his recent works using ceramic will be shown for the first time.

On September 26th, a reception party will be held at the gallery with the artist participating.

“Fuck it up”/2019/water print on ceramic/300x125x50mm/Edition 25

“Fuck it up”/2019/water print on ceramic/300x125x50mm/Edition 25